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Availability of Antiques
Many fine examples of antique furniture have found their way into our museums. These, then, since they belong to the museums, in a way become everybody's property. Being on display for all to see, these excellent pieces benefit the whole populace and are doubly valuable in this respect.
Mixing Antiques With Different Styles
It is not always possible to furnish a house completely in one style, nor is it a sound idea to do so. Individuality is as desirable as privacy in any home. With so many varied activities taking place under the same roof and often including different people, it is an only natural outcome that there should be a change of styles from room to room.
Outdoor Living And Antiques
Do you have a large patio or just a postage stamp sized porch? A large elaborate barbecue pit or just a tiny folding grill?
Pricing Of Antiques
From time to time venerable items will be put on the open market, where they often carry price tags that stagger the imagination.
More About Antique Glass
Varicolored glass has always appealed to the buying public and was much produced. Spangled glass, a cased glass with spangles or flakes of mica in the inner layer which reflect and sparkle through the colored outer layer, and spattered glass, were popular during the 1880's, as was agata glass.
Antique Lamps
The lamp used on sailing vessels is called a gimbel lamp, and has a unique construction to allow it to swing with the movement of the ship, yet never be in danger of tipping over in rough seas. Not many of these remain today.
Candles And Candlesnuffers
Candles were made at home by one of two long processes. First tallow was purified by boiling with water, the fat rose to the top and was skimmed off; this process was repeated several times be fore dipping wicks in and out until candles were formed.
Lamps And Lighting
Isn't it annoying when a fuse blows! You have to fumble around in the dark looking for the flashlight and go out into the kitchen, or even worse, way down into the basement to put in that new fuse.
Popular Types Of Antique China
Whether your collection of china is extensive or just a small representation of the various types, you will do well to carefully examine every specimen before purchase.
Antique Pewter
The gray, silvery sheen of pewter has been a delight to the eyes of countless generation of collectors. It was used for ecclesiastical purposes even before it became a part of the household to begin its long career meeting domestic requirements.
Antique Silver
Silver, always a symbol of wealth, was at one time actually that. Having no banks, the people with extra coins took them to a silversmith to be turned into useful household articles.
Books And Periodicals
First editions and other rare printings are strictly for the collector of old books. Their scarcity and the consequently high prices put them out of the category of collectable antiques for the casual collector.
Brass And Copper
More brass antiques will be found than copper. As brass is an alloy (of copper and zinc) and therefore harder and firmer, it was used more often. Its goldlike color has made it a widespread favorite over many years.
The first methods of telling time consisted only of watching the sun and the stars in their regularly spaced journeys across the heavens.
Mirrors and Miniatures
Considered as furniture, mirrors were made in many styles and sizes from small courting glasses to full length cheval glasses.
A lightweight, inexpensive metal, tin was used for many items: teapots, plates, platters, trays, boxes, candle molds, lamps, sconces, foot warmers, lanterns, canisters, tea caddies, and so on. Much tinware was lacquered or painted, producing the colorful articles known as Japan ware and tole ware.
Accessories to Go With Antiques
Every house needs accessories, and the antique collector's home is no exception. Many of these accessories may be antiques themselves or, if not, they should be natural companions to the antiques which provide the furnishings for the house.
Deocrating Your Bathroom With Antiques
The bathroom is a comparatively modern innovation, but that does not mean that it must therefore be a room forgotten by the lover of antiques.
Antiques And Children's Rooms
The infant is not interested in his surroundings as far as interior decoration goes. As long as he is warm, fed, and dry, a comfortable cradle is all he will need by way of furniture.
Dogs And Cats With Antiques
Start with his water dish. Whatever kind of a dish Rover eats his dinner from, it is duly washed and put away until the next meal; but not so his water dish.
Lots Of Antiques For Your Kitchen
Today's kitchen is a far cry from the huge open fireplaces with their heavy iron pots suspended by a crane above an open fire.
Needlework In General
There is a certain satisfaction for the woman who does needlework of any kind; it consists of the sweet feeling of accomplishment, as well as the relaxing enjoyment of the actual work.
Electrifying Antique Lighting
There are simple converters available which screw on to oil lamps in place of the original burner, and immediately turn them into electric lamps. These are made in several popular sizes and are inexpensive.
Novel Uses For Antiques
A large number of antique articles have little or no practical use today other than that oŁ decorative value. Often these same articles can be used for other purposes than those for which they were originally designed, without any alterations or disfiguring changes.
Ching Or Manchu Dynasty
The political disturbances that attended the passing of the Ming dynasty and the establishment of the Ching Manchus were unfavourable to any material progress at the Ching-te Chen factory, but when order was restored and the Emperor K'ang Hsi was securely set upon the throne in 1662 there began the golden age of Chinese porcelain.
Why Some Plants Die
The most experienced gardeners have occasional failures with one or another of their house plants.
Hydroponics or Checmical Gardening
Plants need four main chemical elements to enable them to grow: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.
Experiments with House Plants for You and Your Small Fry
Pots of greenery may be obtained by sowing orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit pips 1 to 2 inches apart.
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