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American Empire Furniture
American Empire (1815-1840) is a distinctly different version of the French Empire, being a much less ornate form. Carving on American pieces took the place of the French brass and ormolu mounts, and there was less gilding.
Chippendale Furniture
Thomas Chippendale was an English cabinetmaker who lived from 1714 to 1779. A superb wood-carver and a master designer, he published a book of his designs in 1757 titled The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker's Director. The first book of its kind, the Director brought him world-wide fame.
Directoire Furniture
After the Revolutionary War feelings were strong against England, and our new young country looked for designs toward France who had helped us in our fight for independence.
Duncan Phyfe Furniture
A New York cabinetmaker, Duncan Phyfe (1795-1856) made fashionable furniture for the carriage trade of his day. His finest work was done from 1800 to 1820. Phyfe made much furniture, but not nearly as much as has been attributed to him. No one man could have possibly made that much.
Hepplewhite Furniture
George Hepplewhite, a London cabinetmaker, developed a style which found wide popularity. His influence was strongest from 1770 to 1790 and is still felt today.
Shearton Furniture
Thomas Sheraton (1750-1806) was an English cabinetmaker, drawing master, designer, publisher and preacher. All these activities kept him busy but barely earned him a living. He died a financial failure.
Apothecary Items
In the days before the dark, mysterious Apothecary Shops, the home-made remedies used were frequently as horrible as the diseases which they were supposed to cure. Here are a few actively used in 1671:
Attic Antiques
There are numerous old items which have not yet attained the age of "antique" yet which are very old, not being made any more, and often obsolete. Just as old automobiles are called antique cars despite their relatively young age, so, too, are these many old things referred to as antiques.
Block Front Furniture
Considered by many to be the finest furniture ever made, the shell-carved block fronts showed excellent construction, beautiful design and superb carving.
Country Furniture
What is meant by the terms "country made" or "provincial" is just that the furniture in question was cor_structed in one of the more rural areas as opposed to the large centers of manufacture. This does not imply poorer construction, for the furniture was just as well constructed; but rather more simplified forms than were being made in Philadelphia, Baltimore or Newport.
Identifying Fake Antique Furniture
Don't let yourself be taken in by the interesting stories about the "little old lady who owned this originally." Sellers of antique furniture and used-car dealers are noted for this approach. These fables are heard so often that it leads one to believe that two generations ago the world was populated by sweet little old ladies who did nothing but buy old furniture from sweeter, older ladies.
Re-Backing Of Old Canvas
One of the oldest methods of preparing founda. lions for paintings. couiinp ; down to us from Byzantine times, and in fact it is older than that, was to glue canvas or linen to a wood panel, and cover it with gesso, that is. chalk mixed with size, thus forming a fine, smooth white surface of great durability. Most religious pictures of the 1liddle Ages are painted on such foundations.
Chinese Pottery Figurines
Chinese figurines are enjoyable for their animation and variety. The number of types which belong to this class is practically endless. There are court ladies, dancers, lady musicians, men and women servants, grooms, soldiers, officials of the court, tradesmen with their wares, financial figures of supernatural guardians, animals both naturalistic and imaginary.
Getting Stuck With A Fake
Every collector gets "stuck" with a spurious antique at one time or another. Even the most expert will on occasion be fooled by a clever fraud. This is as much a part of collecting antiques as when the housewife finds a bad melon upon cutting into what appeared so perfect at the market.
Grandmas Antiques
These low chests with their rounded lids can be used for storage of blankets or out-of-season clothing. The hallway, if it is wide enough, is a good place for one of these; or a stair landing, again if space permits. A framed seascape or whaling scene would look very good hanging above.
Ice Cream Chairs
Recently there has been considerable interest in Victorian ice cream chairs and their matching tables. Painted a cheerful color, they have a charming old-fashioned appearance with the ability to be usable where space is limited.
Investing In Antiques
There is considerable argument in some circles as to whether an antique is an "investment." Before you decide for yourself, let us find out what is meant by the word investment.
Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture
Chests of the simple board construction were a great favorite for they could be decorated with the jolly, colorful paintings which were so much a part of the people called Pennsylvania Dutch. Other pieces of furniture, as well as the houses and barns, were gayly painted with symbolic patterns.
Antique Reproductions
Just because you cannot afford to buy certain valuable antiques is no sound reason to deny yourself the pleasure of seeing the same exquisite forms in your home.
Victorian Furniture
Queen Victoria reigned in England from 1837 to 1901, giving her name to the furniture fashionable during that time.
What Is An Antique?
When do an item stop being just "old" and become eligible for the veneration of being called "antique"? In 1930 Congress passed a law stating that antiques are items made prior to the year 1830. This is the legal definition, which is used chiefly for import duties and taxes.
Why Collect Antiques?
"A MAN'S HOME IS his castle." There is no question but that this old adage is as true today as when it was first penned. Yes, a man's home is his castle, but it is his wife who must dust away the neverending dust, who must clean and sweep, wash, wax and polish hundreds of hours every year to keep it that way.
Windsor Chairs
Originating in England in the 1500's, Windsor chairs became a great favorite here in America and were made in vast amounts from 1725 up to, and including, today.
Antiques For Every Taste
There are as many kinds of antiques as there were people who made and used them. This allows that there will be antique furniture to suit your needs no matter what your personal tastes.
Antiques Versus Modern Living
There is nothing more incongruous about combining antiques with the most modern surroundings. We human beings are complex organisms that can enjoy all sorts of divergent notions at the same time. The man who roundly curses out his business competitor, shouting, "They can't do that to me," is the same man who will think nothing of drying the dinner dishes; the gentlewoman of the past is no more, today it is the same woman who dons faded blue jeans to scrub the kitchen floor in the morning who will emerge in the afternoon, bathed, polished, and fashionably dressed at the P.T.A. meeting, looking for all the world as if she had done nothing but primp all day.
Old Clocks
Few things in the way of domestic furniture have increased so much in price in recent years as clocks.
The Wonderful Half Doll, Decoration and Worker
They are called by many names, pincushion dolls, tea-cosie dolls and dresser dolls, sometimes referred to as "tops, pin-head or whiskbroom dolls".
The Eclectics
The painters grouped in this chapter have been termed by some critics The Eclectics.
Ivory has been used for making works of art from Biblical times onwards. The comparative ease with which it can be manipulated and its durable nature have always attracted craftsmen of all nations, and the latter quality has led to the preservation of a surprisingly large number of ancient examples.
Antique And Old Metalwork
Iron can be divided into two types: with little carbon content it becomes malleable and is steel or wrought-iron, and with more than the minimum of carbon remaining in its composition it is cast-iron and inclined to be brittle.
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