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The Surrender of Burgoyne
The Saratoga Monument Begun
The South in the Revolution
New England and Virginia
America First
Liberty For All
A Rhapsody
A Renaissance of Patriotism
Liberty And Union One And Inseparable
The American Republic
A New National Hymn
Jim's Aunt
Our Barbarous Fourth
A Safe and Sane Fourth of July
The New Independence Day
New Fourths For Old
Americanizing The Fourth
The Doctor
Some Outport Folk
Winter Practice
The Champion
A Round Of Bleak Coasts
Ships In Peril
Desperate Need
A Helping Hand
Faith And Duty
The Liveyere
With The Fleet
On The French Shore
The Distribution of Power by Direct Currents
Electricity - Rates and Costs
Electricity - Regulation by Commissions
Electricity - The Art of Rate Making
Electric Energy, Wholesale and Retail
The Production of Electricity by Steam Power
Concerning War-Time Extensions¨Some Underlying Principles
Electricity - Rate Forms Should Be Minimized
Economics and the Engineer in Utility Management
Electricity - Evolution of Rate Making
More About The Production of Electricity by Steam Power
Selection Of Alternating Current Apparatus For A Central Lighting System
The Partnership of Business and Science¨Industry's Debt to the Latter
Electricity - Some Ethical Aspects of Replacement Reserves
Business Ethics
Electricity - Interconnections
Electricity - Some Basic Principles
A Thesis and a Question
An Engineer to Executives
Public Lighting in Relation to Public Ownership and Operation
Electricity - Methods of Charging
Electric Residence Rates in Detroit
Electric Residence Rates In Detroit (Part II)
The Position of the Engineer in Municipal Service
Salt as a By Product
The Direct Current Distributing Systems of American Cities
Description Of A Watch Movement
Balances And Hairsprings, Adjusting And Timing
Motion Work, Hands, And Dials
Keyless Work
Causes Of Stoppage Of Watches
Watches - Conversions And Alterations In Movements
Marine Chronometers
Repeating Watches, Etc.
Chronographs, Calendars, Etc.
Materials Used In Construction And Repair Of Watches
Watch Repair Workshop, Tools, Etc.
The Use Of Tools
Making Small Tools
Cleaning Watches
Barrels, Fusers, Mainsprings, And Chains
Depths, Trains Wheels, Etc.
What is This Wine?
Bottling Your Bulk Wine
Stocking Your Cellar
How To Serve Wine
Temperatures Wine Should Be Served At
Serving the Wine
Decanting of Wine
Glassware for Wine
Wine in the Kitchen
Favorite Dishes Cooked in Wine
Notes from a Wine Drinker
American Wine Traditions
More Notes from a Wine Drinker
Wine-Wise Notes
In Praise of Wine
Wine Types
Dry White Wines
Red Dry Wines
Sweet Wines
Sparkling Wines
Choosing Wines
Storing Your Wine
Italian Renaissance - Influence
Italian Renaissance - Architectural Character
Italian Renaissance - Florence
Italian Renaissance - Rome
Italian Renaissance - Venice
Italian Renaissance - Modern Architecture
Italian Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
French Renaissance - Influences
French Renaissance - Architectural Character
French Renaissance - Examples
French Renaissance - Modern Architecture
French Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
French Renaissance - Architecture
German Renaissance - Influences
German Renaissance - Architectural Character
German Renaissance - Examples
German Renaissance - Modern Architecture
German Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
Belgian And Dutch Renaissance - Influences
Belgian And Dutch Renaissance - Architectural Character
Belgian And Dutch Renaissance - Examples
Belgian And Dutch Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
Spanish Renaissance - Influences
Spanish Renaissance - Architectural Character
Spanish Renaissance - Examples
Spanish Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
English Renaissance - Influences
English Renaissance - Architectural Character
English Renaissance - Elizabethan Architecture
English Renaissance - Jacobean Architecture
English Renaissance - Late Renaissance Architecture
English Renaissance - Georgian Architecture
English Renaissance - Comparative Analysis
Modern Architecture In England
Architecture - The Classic School
Architecture - The Gothic School
Architecture Of The British Dominions
Architecture In The United States
Indian Architecture - Influences
Indian Architecture - Architectural Character
Indian Architecture - Examples
Indian Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Chinese Architecture - Influences
Chinese Architecture - Architectural Character
Chinese Architecture - Examples
Chinese Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Japanese Architecture - Influences
Japanese Architecture - Architectural Character
Japanese Architecture - Examples
Japanese Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Ancient American Architecture
Saracenic Architecture - Influences
Saracenic Architecture - Architectural Character
Architecture - Arabian Saracenic
Architecture - Syrian Saracenic
Architecture - Egyptian Saracenic
Architecture - Spanish Saracenic
Architecture - Persian Saracenic
Architecture - Turkish Saracenic
Architecture - Indian Saracenic
Saracenic - Comparative Analysis
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Influences
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Architectural Character
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Examples
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Comparative Analysis
Italian Romanesque - Influences
Italian Romanesque - Architectural Character
Italian Romanesque - Examples
Italian Romanesque - Comparative Analysis
French Romanesque - Influences
French Romanesque - Architectural Character
French Romanesque - Examples
French Romanesque - Comparative Analysis
German Romanesque - Influences
German Romanesque - Architectural Character
German Romanesque - Examples
German Romanesque - Comparative Analysis
Gothic Architecture In Europe - Influences
Gothic Architecture In Europe - Architectural Character
Gothic Architecture In Europe - Examples
Gothic Architecture In Europe - Comparative Analysis
English Mediaeval Architecture - Influences
English Mediaeval Architecture - Architectural Character
English Mediaeval Architecture - Examples
English Mediaeval Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Scottish Architecture
Irish Architecture
French Gothic Architecture - Influences
History of French Gothic Architecture
French Gothic - Examples
Belgian And Dutch Gothic - Influences
Belgian And Dutch Gothic - Architectural Character
Belgian And Dutch Gothic - Examples
Belgian And Dutch Gothic - Comparative Analysis
German Gothic - Influences
German Gothic - Architectural Character
German Gothic - Examples
German Gothic - Comparative Analysis
Italian Gothic - Influences
Italian Gothic - Architectural Character
Italian Gothic - Examples
Spanish Gothic - Influences
Spanish Gothic - Architectural Character
Spanish Gothic - Examples
Spanish Gothic - Comparative Analysis
Renaissance Architecture In Europe
Earlier Stock Breeding
Pedigrees Of Breeding Animals
Farm Animals - The Offspring During Gestation
Development Of Young Stock
Animal Breeding And Determination Of Sex
Foundation And Management Of A Breeding Business
Inbreeding And Line Breeding
Animal Breeding And Mendel's Law
Breed Relations
Breeders' Association
Horse Breeding and The Role of Horses in Building America
American Stock Breeding
Cattle Breeding
Sheep Breeding
Swine Breeding
Heredity And Animal Breeding
Farm Animals - Facts Concerning Reproduction
Farm Animals - The Germ Cells
Farm Animals - The Hereditary Material
Farm Animals - Origin Of The Hereditary Material
Farm Animals - Breeding And Selection
Individual Excellence In Breeding Animals
Psychology Of Clothes
Lingerie Of The Bride
Finger Nails
Art Of The Toilette
A Potpourri Of Beauty Helps
Budgeting The Beauty Time
Finese In Buying Clothes
Clothing When The Budget Is Limited
Bride And Her Trousseau
Clothing On The College Girl's Budget
Observe Care In Your Buying
Shopping Manners
Rules For Home Sewing
Childrens Clothing
House Dress
Buying Your Hosiery
Buying Your Shoes
Buying Your Gloves
Taking Care Of Your Clothes
Clothing For The Mother To Be
Taking Care Of Your Gloves
Stain Removers
Pressing And Cleaning Clothing
Cleansing The Various Fabrics
Dimming The Shine Of Fabrics
Mending And Darning
Remodeling Your Clothes
Clothing For The Mid-Age Of Life
Clothing For The Twilight Years
Clothing For The Young Boy
Clothing - Youth And Young Manhood
Clothing At Man's Estate
Clothing For Motoring, Golf, Country, And Traveling
Clothing For Evening Wedding, Ball, Reception, Formal Dinner, Opera
Clothing And The ABC Of Success
Clothing And Colors To Choose And Avoid
Proprieties In Colors
The ABC Of Colors
Three Dimensions Of Color
All Colors Are Artistic - Color Harmony
Color Balance
The Effect Of Color Upon Color
Color Effect Upon Size
Psychology Of Color
Playing With Color
Clothing Type Is Variable
The Right Colors For Every Woman
Color Summary
Clothing Design
Principles Of Design
Overcoming Natural Deficiencies By Illusion
Design And The Full Meaning Of Line
Design And The Concrete Applications Of Line
Slenderizing The Stout Woman
Clothing For The Thin Woman
Clothing For The Medium Sized Woman
Clothing - From Birth To Six
Accessories Of Dress
What A Hat May Do
Your Evening Head Dress
Shoes And Hose
Clothing And The Modern Mother
Umbrellas And Parasols
Birth Stones
Artificial Flowers
What You Should Know Of Fabrics
Silk Terms
Clothing - From Six To Twelve
Tests For Silk
Fabrics Of Wool
How Fabrics Get Their Names
What To Choose In Laces And Furs
Hand Made Laces
Machine Made Lace
The Best Known Varieties Of Laces
Clothing From Twelve To Twenty
Ways Of Using Lace
How To Select Your Furs
Clothes For Various Occasions
Clothes For The Afternoon
Clothes For The Evening
Clothes For The Theater
Clothes For The Costume Ball
Clothes For The Garden Party
Clothes For Mourning
Clothes For The Wedding
College Girl And Her Wardrobe
Clothes For The Baby Christening
Clothes For Traveling
Clothes For The Week-end Visit
Clothes For Palm Beach And Other Summary Winter Resorts
Sports Clothes
Platform Clothes
Art In Wearing Clothes
Clothing And Fashion
Health - Standing, Walking, And Sitting
Debutante And The Bride
Posture And Your Corsets
Beauty And Bathing
Beauty And Elimination
Beauty And Sleep
Simple At-Home Treatments for Youthful Looking Eyes
Beauty And Ears
Mouth And Teeth
Neck And Chin
The Story Of Antony And Cleopatra
Marie Antoinette And Count Fersen
The Story Of Aaron Burr
George IV And Mrs. Fitzherbert
Charlotte Corday And Adam Lux
Napoleon And Marie Walewska
The Story Of Pauline Bonaparte
The Story Of Empress Marie Louise And Count Neipperg
The Wifes Of General Huston
Lola Montez And King Ludwig Of Bavaria
Lady Blessington And Count D'Orsay
Abelard And Heloise
Byron And The Countess Guiccioli
The Story Of Mme. Stael
The Story Of Karl Marx
Ferdinand Lassalle And Helene Von Donniges
The Story Of Rachel
Dean Swift And The Two Esthers
Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Godwin
The Story Of The Carlyles
The Story Of The Hugos
The Story Of George Sand
Queen Elizabeth And The Earl Of Leicester
The Mystery Of Charles Dickens
Honore De Balzac And Evelina Hanska
Charles Reade And Laura Seymour
Mary Queen Of Scots And Lord Bothwell
Queen Christina Of Sweden And The Marquis Monaldeschi
King Charles II And Nell Gwyn
Maurice Of Saxony And Adrienne Lecouvreur
The Story Of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
The Empress Catharine And Prince Potemkin
Decorative Value Of Flowers
Flowers For Personal Adornment
Baskets Or Hampers Of Plant Material And Sprays Of Cut Flowers
Wreaths And Other Designs
Flowers And Plants For Decorative Purposes
Vases For Cut Flowers And Potted Plants
Japanese Flower Arrangement
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Tones, Measures And Shape
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Composition And Color
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Color Harmonies
Church, Hall Or Reception Room Decorations
Decorating the Table With Flowers
Nature And Method Of Art
Interior Decoration And Balance
Light And Shade
Interior Decorating And The Dominant Hue
Color Harmony
Decorating And Ornament
Excellence In Design
Period Decoration
Principles Of Interior Decoration
Fitness To Purpose
Grammar Of Decoration
Line And Form
Use of Color
Interior Decoration And The Significance Of Texture
Elements Of Beauty
Interior Decoration And The Law Of Contrast
Interior Decoration And Proportion
The Review Of Life
Poem: A Little While
The Fruitless Tree
Old Age Anticipated
Living Kindness
A Few More Days
Abide With Me
God Is My Light
The Pilgrims Retrospect
Sympathy And Selfishness
The Old Folks
The Saviour's Prayer
The Aged Christian
The Voice From Galilee
The Father-Land
The Palm
God My Exceeding Joy
A Name In The Sand
Still Will We Trust
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