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Professor Virchow And Evolution
The Electric Light
On Prayer As A Form Of Physical Energy
Matter And Force
Scientific Materialism 1868
An Address To Students
Scientific Use Of The Imagination
The Belfast Address
What Constitutes Evidence?
Communication By Motor Response
A Perhaps Incredible Story
Mystical Experiences
Clairvoyance Or Telepathy?
Out Of The Body Experiences
Visions Of The Dead
Visions Of The Dead - Spritualism And Insanity
Modern Spiritualism
Meeting Cases
Metetherial Imprints
Simple Color Analysis
Multi-Layer Color Processes
Finlay Process
Motion Pictures In Color
Making Color Separation Negatives
Autotype Trichrome Carbro
Belcolor Printing Film
Chromatone Process
Reliefs And Imbibition For Color Prints And Transparencies
Duxochrome And Colrstil Color Printing Films
Dye Mordanting
Screen Color Transparencies
All About Dogs
The Great American Holiday
Our National Anniversary
America's Natal Day
Crises of Nations
The Fourth of July In Westminster Abbey
America Resents British Dictation
Independence A Solemn Duty
An Appeal for America
War Is Actually Begun
Emancipation From British Dependence
The Origin of the Declaration
The Nation's Birthday
The Declaration of Independence
How The Fourth of July Should be Celebrated
England and America
The Birthday of the Nation
The Fourth of July
Lift Up Your Hearts
England and the Fourth of July
Some Early Independence Day Addresses
Jesus In Gethsemane
St. John And St. Paul
Betrayal And Desertion
The Trial
The Crucifixion
The Burial
The Resurrection
The Ascension
The Pentecost
The Apostle Peter
The Story of Colour
His gift to Madame Tussaud's
My first model
Confession and death
H. M. Stanley sits to Joseph Tussaud
The Shah of Persia's visit
"The People's Tribute" finds a home at Tussaud's
Lord Roberts inspects the model of himself
His widow clothes the model
Baron Grant's staircase
King of Siam's visit
Queen Victoria's copperplates
King Alphonso and Princess Ena
The Begum of Bhopal pays us a visit
Tussaud's as educator
Stars of the stage in my studio
Literary sitters
The Royal Family
More sitters
Bank Holiday queues
The mysterious Sun Yat Sen's visit
A miscellany of humour
The lure of horrors
The Chamber of Horrors Rumour
Mark Twain at Tussaud's
Enemy models
Tussaud's during the war
Three heroes of the war
A crinoline comedy
Relics of Old Newgate
Madame Tussaud's appearance and character
New York - The City And Its Streets
Table Furnishings - China, Useful And Ornamental
Table Furnishings - Plate, Tankards, Punch Bowls And Candlesticks
Table Furnishings - Tea Pots, Urns And Spoons
Table Furnishings - Pewter, Glassware, Cutlery And Brass
Costumes - The Man Of Fashion: His Wigs And Hats
Costumes - The Clothes Men Wore
Costumes - Coats, Buttons, Shoes And Gloves
Dress Of Women - Toilet, Paints And Perfumes
Dress Of Women - Hair Dressing: Caps And Hats
Dress Of Women - Gloves, Shoes, And Stays
New York - Vacant Land And Typical Houses
Dress Of Women - Hoops And Mantua Makers
Dress Of Women - Extravagance And Economy
Dress Of Women - Jewelry And Ornaments
Amusements - Outdoor Sports
Amusements - Theatres
Amusements - Music
Amusements - Balls, Assemblies And Public Entertainments
Amusements - Shows And Exhibitions
Manners, Food And Culture - Accomplishements
Food From The Fields And The Sea
New York - House Building, Fires, Rents And Mails
Markets And Cookery
Taverns And Tea Gardens
Fashion And Luxury
Extravagance And A Return To Simplicity
New York - Country Seats And Farms
Furniture - Evidences Of Luxurious Living
Furniture - Living Rooms And Their Contents
Furniture - Cabinet Makers And Vendue Sales
Furniture - Walls, Pictures And Looking Glasses
Furniture - Beds, Chairs, Tables And Clocks
Romance and Poetry
A Chaplet of Pearls
Ecclesiastical Shrines
Crown Jewels
The Tudors and the Stuarts
The Quebec Studio Club
Quebec's Winter Garden
The First Industries Established In Quebec
Quebec - Fur, Fin and Feather
Quebec - Ten Days' Caribou Hunt
Quebec - The Drawing of the Yarn
Honorary Grand Chief Of Huron Tribe
The Fur Trade of Quebec
Where Military and Sporting Rifles are Made
A Letter to Sportsmen
Quebec - At the Mekinac
The Constitution Of Nature
Deadness Of The Optic Nerve To the Calorific Rays
Persistence Of Rays
Absorption Of Radiant Heat By Vapors And Odors
Aqueous Vapor In Relation To The Terrestrial Temperatures
Reciprocity Of Radiation And Absorption
Influence Of Vibrating Period And Molecular Form
Summary And Conclusion Of Radiation
On Radiant Heat In Relation To The Color And Chemical Constitution Of Bodies
New Chemical Reactions Produced By Light
Physical Considerations Of Decomposition Of Light
Radiation - Visible And Invisible
Production Of Sky Blue By Decomposition Of Nitrite Of Amyl
On The Blue Color Of The Sky, And The Polarization Of Skylight
The Sky Of The Alps
The Sky
The Parallel Roads Of Glen Roy
Alpine Sculpture
Recent Experiments On Fog Signals
On The Study Of Physics
Origin And Character Of Radiation
On Crystalline And Slaty Cleavage
On Paramagnetic And Diamagmetic Forces
Physical Basis Of Solar Chemistry
Elementary Magnetism
Physics - On Force
Contributions To Molecular Physics
Life And Letters Of Faraday
The Copley Medalist Of 1870
The Copley Medalist Of 1871
Death By Lightning
The Atomic Theory In Reference To The Ether
Science And The Spirits
Absorption Of Radiant Heat By Gases
Formation Of Invisible Foci
Visible And Invisible Rays Of The Electric Light
Combustion By Invisible Rays
Transmutation Of Rays - Calorescence
Agriculture And Life - Education Aims
Types And Breeds Of Swine
Feeds And Feeding
Weights And Measures With Feeding
Poultry Feeding
Feeding The Dairy Cow
Horse Feeding
Farm Accounts And Farm Management
All About Soil
Fertilizers For Different Crops
Seed Selection And Plant Breeding
How To Experiment With Fertilizers
School And Home Gardens
Why Grow Alfalfa?
Birds And Agriculture
Insects And Agriculture
Insects of The Field And Garden
Cut Worms
Chinch Bug
Insects Of The Fruit Patch
Plant And Animal Diseases
Breeding The Cereals
Weeds - Plants Enemies
Rural Life Institutions
Good Roads
The Country Church
Rural Government
The Country Home
Labor Saving Machinery
A Home For The Teacher
The Rural School
Breeding Corn
Corn Festival
Boys' And Girls' Clubs
Night Schools
How To Begin Work In Agriculture
A Year's Work Correlation Work With Corn
Booklets Educational
Lesson Plans Agriculture
The Structure And Care Of Eggs
Hens For More Eggs
Potato Breeding
Pets And Home Projects
Stock And Grain Judging
Horse Judging
Classification Of Cattle
Early Years Of Alexander Pope
First Period Of Pope's Lieterary Career
Alexander Pope's Homer
Alexander Pope At Twickenham
The War With The Dunces
Alexander Pope - Correspondence
Alexander Pope - The Essay On Man
Alexander Pope - Epistles And Satires
Alexander Poep - The End
From Birth To Graduation
Presidency Of The University Of Michigan
The Southern Journey
Work In Civil Engineering And Study In Europe
Professorship In Brown University And Editorship Of The Providence Journal
Presidency Of The University Of Vermont
Mission To China
Canadian Fisheries Commission And The Deep Waterways Commission
Summer Trips To Europe
Mission To The Ottoman Empire
A Venetian Day
Architectural Examples of the Italian Renaissance
Rural England
French And English Churches
The Five Orders Of Architecture
On The Design Of Houses
By The Sea
Prehistoric Architecture
West Asiatic Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Greek Architecture - Influences
Greek Architecture - Architectural Character
Greek Architecture - The Early Period
Greek Architecture - The Hellenic Period
Greek Architecture - The Doric Order
Greek Architecture - The Ionic Order
Greek Architecture - The Corinthian Order
Greek Architecture - Corinthian Examples
Greek Architecture - Theatres
Architecture - The Historic Styles
Greek Architecture - Domestic Buildings
Greek Architecture - Tombs
Greek Architecture - Public Buildings
Greek Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Roman Architecture - Influences
Roman Architecture - Architectural Character
Roman Architecture - Examples Of Etruscan Architecture
Roman Architecture - Forums
Roman Architecture - Rectangular Temples
Roman Architecture - Circular And Polygonal Temples
Egyptian Architecture - Influences
Roman Architecture - Basilicas
Roman Architecture - Thermae
Roman Architecture - Theatres
Roman Architecture - Amphitheatres
Roman Architecture - Circuses
Roman Architecture - Tombs
Roman Architecture - Triumphal Arches
Roman Architecture - Town Gateways And Archways
oman Architecture - Pillars Of Victory
Roman Architecture - Palaces
Egyptian Architecture - Architectural Character
Roman Architecture - Roman Houses
Roman Architecture - Aqueducts
Roman Architecture - Bridges
Roman Architecture - Fountains
Roman Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Early Christian Architecture - Influences
Early Christian Architecture - Architectural Character
Early Christian Architecture - Examples
Early Christian Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Byzantine Architecture - Influences
Byzantine Architecture - Architectural Character
Egyptian Architecture - Examples
Byzantine Architecture - Examples
Byzantine Architecture - Comparative Analysis
Egyptian Architecture - Comparative Analysis
West Asiatic Architecture - Influences
West Asiatic Architecture - Architectural Character
West Asiatic Architecture - Examples
Against Roman Architecture
Art Of The Middle Age
Gothic Art, The War And After
Gothic Way
French Gothic And The Italian Renaissance
Art Of Giotto
Paper Architecture
Art And The General
Cardinal Flower - Red Lobelia
Collecting - A False Start
Collecting - Furniture
Collecting - The Hunt In Milan
Collecting - Finding Of A Foppa
Collecting - More Finds In Milan
Collecting - Here And There In Italy
Collecting - The Hunt In Egypt
Collecting - From India To Peru
Collecting - Greek And Roman Antiquities
Collecting - A Find Of Giorgiones
Oliver Wendell Holmes - A Tribute to George Washington
A Frenchman's Estimate Of George Washington In 1781
George Washington's Administration 1789-1797
George Washington's Inauguration
Lessons From The Washington Centennial
President Washington's Receptions
The Foreign Policy Of George Washington
The Personality and Character of George Washington
George Washington's Last Days
The Words Of George Washington
The Birthday Of George Washington
Memorials Of George Washington
Tributes To George Washington
George Washington: The Highest Pedestal
George Washington In History
George Washington, The Patriot
Historical Memorabilia Of Washington
A Bird's Eye View Of George Washington
George Washington's Character
The Unselfishness Of George Washington
The Genius Of George Washington
George Washington And Our Schools And Colleges
George Washington's Service To Education
Address At The Dedication Of The Washington Monumen
George Washington And Character - Henry Cabot Lodge
Anecdotes Of George Washington
The Abuse Of George Washington
Providential Events In The Life Of Washington
Characteristics Of George Washington
Great George Washington
Headquarters In 1776
Selections From The Rules Of Civility
A Glimpse Of George Washington's Birthplace
George Washington - Quotations, Speeches and Addresses
George Washington Before The Battle Of Long Island, August, 1776
George Washington From Various Letters, Speeches, And Addresses
George Washington's Farewell To The Army
George Washington's Farewell Address
Something Of George Washington's Boyhood
George Washington's Training
George Washington Is Appointed Commander-In-Chief
Great Men of History - George Washington
Valley Forge
Hinduism - The Stream Of Indian Thought
Hinduism - Hindu Religious Faiths
Hinduism - Caste
Hinduism - The Four Ashramas
Hinduism - Kings And Peasants
Hinduism - The Hindu Woman
Hinduism - The Key Note Of Humanity
The Chouans (1829)
Lost Illusions (1837)
Cesar Birotteau (1838)
Beatrix (1839)
A Distinguished Provincial At Paris (1839)
Ursule Mirouet (1841)
Catherine De'Medici (1841)
A Bachelor's Establishment (1843)
A Start In Life (1844)
Modeste Mignon (1844)
Cousin Bette (1846)
The Magic Skin (1831)
Cousins Pons (1847)
The Member For Arcis (1854)
The Middle Classes (1854)
A Woman Of Thirty (1832)
Louis Lampert (1832)
The Country Doctor (1833)
Eugenie Grandet (1834)
Pere Goriot (1835)
Seraphita (1835)
The Lilly Of The Valley (1836)
The Signing of the Declaration
Supposed Speech of John Adams
The Liberty Bell
Declaration of Independence in Congress
The Declaration of Independence Explained
The Dignity of Our Nation's Founders
The Character of the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence - Henry T. Randall
The Declaration of Independence - John Quincy Adams
The Declaration of Independence - Tudor Jenkins
Modern Criticism of the Declaration of Independence
The Principles of the Revolution
The Song of the Cannon
Paul Revere's Ride
A Song For Lexington
The Revolutionary Alarm
The Volunteer
Warren's Address at the Battle of Bunker Hill
The Lonely Bugle Grieves
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The Saratoga Lesson
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