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Caricatures in Pottery
The name "Toby" seems to have been early associated with conviviality. There was Sir Toby Belch in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night who was fat, boisterous, given to hard drinking and staying out nights; there was Toby Shandy in Laurence Sterne's Tristam Shandy, published in 1760; and the next year appeared an English print with verses describing "Old Toby Philpot, as thirsty a soul As e'er drank a bottle or fathomed a bowl."
Observations On Sears 1908 Catalogue
Riffling through the pages of this reproduced 1908 Sears catalog, we were suddenly - and totally - back again in an uncomplicated, pre-wars, pre-television childhood, where an old Sears catalog provided a winter's amusement for little girls. The catalog, always an old one, a pair of scissors, some boiled paste, and a few shoe boxes were the makings of a deluxe paper-dollhouse - or a whole village of dollhouses.
What Exactly Is An Antique?
To anyone who browses antique shops these days the question "What is an antique?" seems to have many answers. Side by side with ancient-looking furniture and old-fashioned china, browsers may find ruffled pink glass and souvenir spoons, no older than themselves. The problem bewilders not only buyers but dealers, too.
Goldie's Corner - Article 2
Greetings all. Goldie has been busy these past few days looking for a topic which might draw Old And Solds' users into a chat. I thought to myself, what is more interesting to the general public than some of the antics over at the Ebay? I contemplated where I could look to see what is happening at the biggest port on the net? Ah---- their wonderful informative Chat venue, Ebay Outlook. If one decides to enter these forbidding waters, one must wear thigh high waders. The crew is not always as jovial as one might think, and mutiny does not appear to be too far into the distant waters.
Enrico Caruso: The Caricaturist
About the termination of World War I, when President Wilson was the man of the moment, some where in New York, the sovereign of the lyric stage stopped before a bookstore window to admire a caricature of the President signed "E.C."
The Best Of Cut Glass
Like many a collector before her, Dorothy Pearson found her way up the primrose path to the antiques business by "in-evitable accident." One pleasant step had led to an-other, until of a sudden, a forkroad sign pointed sternly to Sell or Stop. By then, Dorothy was too en-trenched in collecting to consider a halt-she found herself in trade!
Presidential Campaign Post Cards
This year of 1960 being an election year, let's look back on some of the Presidential campaigns of the past when post cards played an important part.
Valentine Writers
Long ago lovers, with tender care, sometimes with great taste and skill, made countless valentines. The earliest were, of course, entirely handmade. When manufactured valentines first came on the scene, the message itself was penned by the sender.
Bridle Rosettes Honoring Champions
The bridle rosette is not an ornament. It is an integral part of a driving or riding bridle-with the exception of the English type riding bridle-and essential in holding the brow-band to the crown piece.
Old New England Glasshouses
Who invented glass or at what period it was discovered is quite unknown. It is made of sand, lime, and soda, to which other ingredients are added, depending on the kind of glass produced, and the probability is that it originated in Egypt or Asia Minor as long ago as 4000 B.C.
New England Pottery
The first New England potters were the Indians. They knew that baskets could be made waterproof by lining them with clay. Their method of boiling water was to drop hot stones into a clay basket of water.
Leonardo Da Vinci
This is the Leonardo Quincentennial Year. Five hundred years ago, in April, 1452, in the tiny village of Vinci, high among the hills that surround the city of Florence, occurred the birth of Leonardo da Vinci.
Yankee Whittlers
There is an old New England saying that if you call on a neighbor you need not say good night until he begins to whittle shavings for the morning fire.
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