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Rockingham Animal Figures from Bennington
Bennington and Rockingham ware are practically synonymous in the minds of many collectors. Rockingham ware, as described in the preceding section, originated in Yorkshire, England, on the estate of Charles, Marquis of Rockingham, and was first made in America about 1840 by the Jersey City Pottery Company.
Rockingham Houndhandle Pitchers
The American Pottery Company in Jersey City, New Jersey, was the first to make Rockingharn ware in the United States. The original creation of this ware, with its rich brown glaze and mottled pattern, was in England where it was first perfected about 1780 in Yorkshire.
Salt Glaze, a Product of Staffordshire
The potteries of north Staffordshire, England, so famous for their fine earthenware from the middle of the eighteenth century, had begun in a modest way. Composed at first of small land-holding folk potters, what they made and their manner of working was similar to that practiced until a very short time ago in the southern mountains of America.
Early Souvenir Pitchers
LIVERPOOL PITCHERS, with their neat black decoration, take their name from the famous English seaport from where so many of these pitchers were brought home to America by returning sailors. The black transfer-printed design marked a revolution in earthenware decoration and made it possible for average people to have attractive dishes on their tables. Transfer printing was just what the name indicates.
Staffordshire China for Americans
Americans had been partial to the products of that area in central England known as "The Potteries" for three-quarters of a century when, about 1820, china decorated with American scenic designs began to be exported to the United States.
Wedgwood Blue Plates
NO ONE has yet assembled a complete list of American View plates made by Wedgwood at Etruria from 1895 to 1910 and on. Even production records at the Wedgwood Pottery do not identify clearly all the scenes pictured, for many of their lots were numbered or otherwise coded without complete description.
The Berry Bowl
FROM the 1880's, a tri-partite agreement, so to speak, must have existed between the makers and importers of novelty glasswares, the manufacturers of plated silverware, and the jewelry trade of America. The result was the assembly and sale of an unbelievable total of combination glass and silverware which graced practically every sideboard in the land.
Old Chairs To Mend
"OLD Chairs to Mend" doesn't mean what many of us might think; to repair chairs by mending broken parts. Actually, this street cry, heard at some time of every weekday, on the streets and alleys of most towns from the 1700's through to the 1850's, was the call of the chair bottomer; the man who put new rush, splint, rope, lime, cord or husk seats in the common chairs of the people.
Fine Art in Buttons
IN the delightful pursuit of button collecting-and no matter if you collect buttons for display in a cabinet, or if you collect them for use as personal jewelry, the pursuit is delightful-one cannot go far without coming to the realization that all the manual and graphic arts and practically all of the sciences were drawn upon to produce buttons.
The Giant Bank
In occupying tenth position in our listing of mechanical banks, an uglier, more grotesque, less attractive bank than the Giant couldn't be picked. Of course, this fact in itself is the contributing factor that makes it rare and extremely desirable to a collector.
Increased Popularity of Guitars
Just as guitars can provide thousands of enduring sounds, they have also resounded with a myriad of images that are indelible in American culture.
Tribute To Paul Revere
Among silver lovers everywhere the memory and works of Paul Revere, patriot and craftsman, are highly revered. Thus an exhibition such as that recently brought together by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is always appropriate.
Corning Glass
CORNING, N.Y.-An era that began in the 1870s has ended here with the closing, as a manufacturing company, of T. G. Hawkes & Co., glass engraving and cutting. It was the last of the fine glass cutters in this part of the nation. Hereafter its retail store will handle English cut glass.
A Connoisseur of Perfumes
Practically no phase of modern life is more significantly linked with the romance of history than perfume," explains Mrs. W. L. Ballenger, in commenting upon her hobby of perfume collecting.
As I Remember The Automobile
Automobiles sneaked up on me unawares. They still do. As a boy, I occasionally saw an automobile or rather a horseless carriage, as they were called, pictured in some newspaper or magazine. Then without any warning some one would say, "I saw a horseless carriage in Buffalo today."
Imperial Russian Porcelain
Evolving from an Asiatic period dominated by boyars of ancient lineage and served by the energies of polyglot races, under the rule of Peter the Great Russia awakened at the turn of the eighteenth century to an awaremess of the civilisation of Western Europe, its industrial progress and cultural attainments.
Austalasian Coins
The first of Captain Cook's voyages in 1770 marks the beginning of British interest in Australia. The year after Cook's third voyage to Australia in 1773 a penal settlement was founded at Port Jackson, now Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales with a population of nearly two million.
Concerning Chests
The celebrated Mayflower Compact, by which the Pilgrim Fathers combined themselves in "a civil body politick," was signed, according to tradition, on the lid of Elder Brewster's chest in the cabin of the Mayflower, while that vessel rode at anchor in Provincetown Harbor in November, 1620.
Antique Chairs
There were few chairs in New England in the early days. People sat on stools, on forms or benches, and on chests.
A Silvery Metal Called Pewter
People have been doing things for ages with the gray-hued silvery metal called "pewter." An alloy composed principally of tin, it is the oldest composite metal known.
Before there was any banking system of much account in this country, silverware was regarded as a good investment.
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