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Trivets Other Than Iron

Author: Dick Hankenson

(Article orginally published March 1963)

Wrought iron trivets were developed for use about the hearth and fireplace. Cast iron trivets reached their greatest use as laundry iron stands. Trivets of other materials were also used in times past, and in enough quantity to make collecting them today possible and pleasant.

Brass trivets were' used for the same purposes as their iron contemporaries. Trivets of less durable materials-silver, pottery, wood, and glass-served a different need, being designed as table protectors against hot, or cold, dishes. Table trivets of silver are found in wide variety, from solid silver dish rings of the eighteenth century to elaborate silverplated folding trivets of the Victorians. Picture tiles in trivet frames, Oriental wood trivets, and examples in glass, from years ago, are welcome additions to a trivet collection.

Of wood, in diaper design, each section is a separate piece, mortised together, 4 ball feet, Chinese. Cut-out design in heavy brass, legs riveted Dlinton tile, transfer printed in black and on, wood handle, English. white, in twisted wire frame.

Below: Examples of trivets other than iron: Coiled wire formed in circles and fastened together to make useful hot pad; silver folding trivet for tureens and platters, closed 71/2" open 26", has 10 ball feet; cut glass in silver frame, Snowflake pattern, made for pitcher and tumbler set.


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