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HISTORY. The hard paste porcelain factory at Schaerbeek, near Brussels, was founded in 1784 by J.S.Vaume and continued in operation for only seven years. The products consisted mostly of tableware and "useful" objects. It is possible that figures also may have been made. The Schaerbeek china was moderately decoratedlandscapes like fine India ink drawings, small scattered flowers, landscapes in green, and scattered sprigs in conjunction with friezes and festoons of foliage formed the usual motifs.

The mark was a "B ", with or without a crown, and sometimes with the words "Monplaisir pres Bruxelles," in underglaze blue. The mark also occasionally occurred in other colours on-glaze.

The hard paste factory at Etterbeek, also near Brussels, was founded by Chretien Kuhne, from Saxony, in 1775. It made tableware, articles of household embel lishment, and groups and single figures, both glazed and in biscuit. The decorations were of heterogeneous types, but birds, flowers and genre scenes predominated. The mark was E. B. in monogram. Little is known of the doings of this factory and it is said to have closed in 1803.

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