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HISTORY. Experiments in the making of hard paste porcelain began at Marseilles in 1765. The actual manufacture on a commercial basis seems to have started about 1775 or, perhaps, earlier in the faience works of J. G. Robert. The earlier ware is generally thick and heavy, with a body and glaze of yellowish grey tinge. This china was commonly decorated en camatieu in a burnt siena colour, the decorations being done rather crudely.

The later ware exhibits a whiter body and the monochrome decorations are of much better character. Later still, the Marseilles china had a white body and good, clear glaze, and was well decorated with flowers in the manner of Mennecy and Sevres. The colours especially favoured were rose, blue, and a greenish blue, the last of which was decidedly characteristic of the factory.

The marks of this factory were R., J. R. and, occasionally, F. R., in underglaze blue.

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