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HISTORY. Under the protection and patronage of Louis-Antoine, Due d'Angouleme, Guerhard and Dihl opened an hard paste porcelain factory, in 1780, in the rue de Bondy. Dihl, a man of broad scientific attainments, is credited with being the first to establish a complete palette of colours that could be used for the decoration of hard paste porcelain.

This factory successfully reproduced all the underglaze coloured grounds used at Sevres and all the colors for on-glaze painting. In addition to tableware, vases and ornaments of exquisite quality and enriched with the most elaborate decorations, there were made a great many excellent biscuit pieces.

Previous to the Revolution the pieces were marked G.A., occasionally set in an oval vignette with a coronet above it, in red or gold on the glaze. After the Revolution the pieces were signed "Dihl" or "Guerhard and Dihl, Paris," the mark being applied in various ways.

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