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HISTORY. In 1711 Barthelemy Dorez exhibited to the Mayor and Council of Lille specimens of porcelain that he and his nephew, Pierre Pelissier, had fashioned; at the same time he sought permission to set up a porcelain factory in connexion with his faience establishment and likewise asked certain concessions. The Council granted his petitions and subsidised his works, the subsidy being regularly continued till 1720 by which time the undertaking seems to have been firmly on its feet. The brothers Dorez offered to sell their enterprise to the King who, however, declined to buy it but gave them certain privileges and exemptions that could not infringe the rights of the French East India Company nor offend the Due d'Orleans who was patron of the Saint Cloud factory. These privileges did not include permission to open a warehouse in Paris for the sale of their wares, and without this outlet they had not a sufficient market to maintain their enterprise. The manufacture of Lille porcelain was discontinued not long afterwards, but it is not known in exactly what year this occurred.

The products of the Lille factory were chiefly confined to imitations of the wares of Saint Cloud, and it is often difficult to distinguish with any degree of certainty between the pieces issuing from the two establishments, especially when sufficient marks of identification are lacking. The chief difference between the porcelain of Lille and that of Saint Cloud seems to have been that the former lacked the finish and interest of decoration shewn by the Saint Cloud china, and that the glaze shewed a greater tendency to blister. The paste was the same at both Lille and Saint Cloud.

The mark D occasionally appears on pieces decorated in blue, as well as the mark _,E. The mark L, accompanied by a cross, may indicate Lille or it may be one of the varied marks employed at Saint Cloud.

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