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HISTORY. This factory, also in the province of Hizen as well as Arita, was established under the patronage of the feudal lord about 1660. The paste and glaze of this china are, in many instances, better than the paste and glaze of Arita.

A type of china was made here whose decoration closely resembled the Kakiyemon ware of Arita. Another sort had decorations in underglaze blue, less brilliant than the Chinese blue. Celadon porcelain was likewise made. The favourite decorative motifs for the blue and white china were cherry-blossoms, hydrangeas, peonies, chrysanthemums and other floral subjects, along with conventionalised birds and butterflies, in conjunction with conventional scrolls and diaper patterns. The ware was not marked but had a comb pattern encircling the footrim. This same comb pattern is sometimes seen on Kaga porcelain.

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