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KUTANI (KAGA) CHINA - 1664-1750; 1779-1822; 1832 TO PRESENT DAY

HISTORY. The Kutani factory in the province of Kaga was established by the feudal lord of Daishoji in 1666. Several different sorts of ware were made. One was distinguished by a beautiful green glaze, along with soft greenish blue, purple and yellow glazes, disposed in scrolls, diapers and floral patterns over outlines traced in black on the biscuit. Another sort was painted with red, green, blue, yellow and purple enamel colors, along with silver and gold. Landscapes, flowers, a single bird on a twig, and similar naturalistic subjects supplied the themes together with symbolical ornaments and diaper patterns. In still another sort, red was predominant. The decoration of red scrolls and diapers was disposed in panels containing landscapes, mythical animals and flower motifs in green,yellow, purple and red. A subdivision of this variety had a red ground colour, with patterns wrought in gold, silver, bright green, yellow and purple. The making of these wares came to an end about 1750. After that date several revivals took place, one of which had a red ground color whereon the patterns appeared in gold.

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