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HISTORY. This factory was established when Risampei, the Corean, found porcelain materials near Arita. Its most beautiful and famous product was the Ihakiyemon ware, named for the painter who devised this means of decoration in a few coloursiron-red sometimes verging to orange, lilac, a fine enamel blue, grass green, and dull gold-and with a limited range of motifs comprised in a sparse composition of dragons, phoenixes, tigers, fluttering birds, quails or partridges, bamboos, pines or plum trees.

The red, blue and gold Imari ware,socalled from its place of export-was also made here, the patterns being largely derived from old brocades; hence the term "brocaded."

Blue and white ware, decorated chiefly with diapers and scrolls, was made at Arita, the underglaze blue being of a rather poor, muddy quality. Celadon porcelain, too, was produced; likewise very exquisite egg-shell porcelain, decorated with underglaze blue or with enamel colors.

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