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ZURICH CHINA-1763-1791

HISTORY. In 1763 an hard paste porcelain factory was established at Zurich by Heidegger and Korrodi who employed Spengler, an expert porcelain maker, along with some workmen, from Hochst to assist them in the undertaking. The traditions of the Hochst factory were followed. The paste had a greyish tone. For a short period soft paste was tried, but was soon given up. The chief product consisted of tableware and some few decorative accessories, and a modeller from Ludwigsburg, Sonnenschein by name, modelled a certain number of figures.

The decorations were largely landscapes and flowers, the landscapes usually being of Swiss inspiration. Some of them were painted by the Swiss poet, Solomon Gessner. The best work of the.factory was produced between 1775 and 1790.

The mark was a capital German Z in underglaze blue. The manufacture was not very profitable and the factory was discontinued in 1791.

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