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HISTORY. During the latter part of the eighteenth century, or at the very beginning of the nineteenth, a soft paste porcelain factory was established at Nyon, on the lake of Geneva. It was founded by a Frenchman named Maubree and during at least a part of its career was directed by Robillard, who had previously worked at Sevres. The factory was conducted according to French notions and French ideals prevailed, both in the fashion of the ware produced and in the matter of decoration. The influence of Sevres was predominant.

The paste was white and translucent.

Only tableware and such small pieces as trays, candlesticks and inkstands were made at this factory.

Some of the earlier decoration, with landscapes, birds and tulips, shews a German influence, but most of the china was decorated with violets, roses, cornflowers and other small blossoms in a dainty and thoroughly French manner. Maubree was himself at one time a flower painter at Sevres. Some of the decoration was executed in Geneva. The mark of the factory was a fish in underglaze blue. Manufacture was discontinued early in the nineteenth century, probably about 1813.

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