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HISTORY. Some time in the latter part of the eighteenth century Miles Mason established a pottery at Lane Delph (now Middle Fenton) in Staffordshire where a considerable quantity of ironstone china was made and well decorated with patterns similar to those used at Derby. In addition to the ironstone china, however, a certain amount of porcelain seems to have been made in the fore part of the nineteenth century. The popular willow pattern and divers other decorations were used, and a number of the Oriental patterns were printed in blue and red, with gilded borders: The "willow pattern" ware of Lane Delph was often printed in a paler shade of blue than was to be found on wares made elsewhere. About the middle of the nineteenth century the factory was sold and passed through various hands subsequently. The Lane Delph or Mason china displayed a variety of marks, all of which were plainly indicative of the origin.

The Cauldon Place Works, at Shelton, were established by job Ridgway in 18 13. These works continued in the control of the Ridgway family until 1858, when John Ridgway retired and sold out his interests. Earthenware of various sorts, stone-china and porcelain were all made at the Cauldon Place Works. The porcelain was of admirable quality and some of it displayed decorations that were both elaborate and rich. All the decorations were well executed, whether the subjects were flowers, fruit, birds, landscapes or figures.Green, deep blue and rose Pompadour were favourite ground colors and the gilding was both rich and excellently laid. Various marks were used, but nearly all of them clearly show the source of manufacture.

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