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There are in existence a few pieces of Wedgwood china, of more or less average design, and marked with the word "WEDGWOOD" stencilled in blue or red over the glaze. These specimens were manufactured at Etruria by Thomas Byerly in the first decade of the nineteenth century.

The Wedgwood china had a fine light body with a brilliant glaze whose surface was remarkably smooth and satin-like in appearance. Decorations occur in both underglaze blue and enamel colors, the underglaze blue displaying a purplish tinge. The designs often consist of flowers and butterflies, either naturalistically painted or in a conventional Chinese manner with lattices. Butterflies and large flowers in colors were sometimes used and a number of blue and white services were made, enriched with heavy gilding.

For the most part they do not exhibit any of the grace of refinement of the early Wedgwood ware and they met with so little success that the venture of making porcelain was abandoned by the Etruria works after a few years of feeble effort.

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