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DAVENPORT CHINA - C. 1793-1887

The Davenport factory at Longport, a suburb of Burslem, was established by John Davenport about 1793; the business was continued by his descen dants till 1887. The body, glaze and workmanship of the Davenport china are of the highest order, but the decorations, for the most part, possess no particular distinction and are exactly like those employed at all the contemporary factories. The influence of Derby, in this respect, is more noticeable than that of others. Elaborate dinner services, dessert services, tea and coffee services and vases were extensively produced. Great use was made of ground colours for rich decorations, an apple-green being particularly favoured. The marks were "DAVENPORT," "DAVENPORT, LONGPORT," sometimes alone and sometimes above an anchor. After 1806 the mark was occasionally "DAVENPORT, LONGPORT, STAFFORDSHIRE," surmounted by a crown. DAVENPORT

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