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VINOVO CHINA-1776-1820

HISTORY. With the assistance of Pierre Antoine Hannong of Strasburg, Giovanni Brodel established an hard paste porcelain factory at Vinovo, near Torino, in 1776. Brodel found Hannong a most difficult person to work with and retired from the business in 1778. In 1780 it was sold to Dr. Gioanetti, an eminent chemist. Under him the factory produced a considerable quantity of china up to 1815, when Dr. Gioanetti died. Under his successor the business declined so rapidly that the factory was closed in 1820.

The paste at first was of a yellowish tone and the glaze was often defective; the later ware was of fine grain and had an excellent white glaze. The decorations, though not distinguished, were pleasing and the colors were good. Flowers, polychrome and monochrome, garlands and ribbons, medallions, landscapes, flowers and arabesques in gold, and numerous motifs of Classic provenance make up the repertoire. In general style the Vinovo china resembled the wares of the independent Parisian factories of the late eighteenth century.

The mark was "V" with a cross above it, in either underglaze blue or on-glaze blue; occasionally the mark was incised,or else appplied in black,brown, red, or gold. In exceptional cases the "V" may be omitted or the cross may be omitted.

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