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HISTORY. In 1785 Sieur Fauquez and M. Lamoniary received authorisation from the Council of State to open a fatory at Valenciennes for the making of common or fine porcelian, after the manner of the porcelain of the Indies, and a local monopoly of manufacture was granted them for ten years, provided they fired their ovens with coal. The paste was pure white and the body and glaze of the best quality. The contours and decorations reflected the styles current at the period. The decorations were executed in a manner consistent with the quality of the china. In addition to the tableware and ornamental articles, there were produced some good groups in biscuit.

There was also a common and cheaper grade of porcelain made and decorated in blue after the fashion of the commoner wares of Tournay. The works were finally closed in 1797.

The mark on the pieces of the fine ware consisted of the letters L. V. interlaced. The commoner wares were marked with the name "Valenciennes" or some abbreviation of it.

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