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HISTORY.Church Gresley must appear amongst the names of porcelain factories, in spite of the fact that no authentic piece of china emanating thence is known to exist.

This factory, started by Sir Nigel Gresley, seems to have had a tragic, and certainly had a brief, career. Sir Nigel, once Lord of the Manor of Burslem, fell upon evil days and had to retire to the family seat, Church Gresley, near Burton-on-Trent in Derbyshire.

Here, in 1795, he sought to recover his fortunes by the manufacture of porcelain, and although he superintended the work himself, employed his daughter as a decorator, and obtained the professional aid of W. T. Coffee, the Derby modeller, the venture was far from successful.

In 1800, Mr. Nadin, a local colliery proprietor, assumed the responsibilities of the concern, and even though he succeeded in obtaining from Queen Charlotte an order for a dinner service at 1700, he was unable to execute the more important pieces such as the plates, platters, dishes and tureens which were all spoiled in the firing.

A third and final proprietor, Mr. Burton, of Linton in Derbyshire, met with no better success in the conduct of the works, and the year 1808 saw the factory definitely closed.

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