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Gucci Handbags


The first Gucci handbag was offered more than 70 years ago. It was in a small shop in Florence where the handbag was born. The Gucci handbag has been a symbol of luxury ever since. It is a reflection of style and sophistication. The hanbags created by Gucci are favored the wealthy and the famous. Everyone at one time or another desires to carry a Gucci handbag.

Gucci had humble beginings. Guccio Gucci (1881-1953) developed a taste for beauty and elegance as a young man while working in London's opulent Savoy Hotelas a lift attendent. He was born in 1881, the son of Floretine craftman. In his early years he lived between Paris and London. It was from these cosmpolitan surroundings that he gained his sophistication and style.

In the early 20's he returned to Florence to open a leather goods shop. Luggage and saddlery were the first type of items sold at his shop. It was his craftsmanship and accessories for horseback riders that first gained him fame. It was in the mid-1930's that the shop began to produce the first Gucci handbags.

In 1953, Guccio Gucci passed away. However, his brothers perserved and continue the Gucci family firm. In the 1950s, the first Gucci store opened in New York. During this time, the Gucci "classics" were created. This includes handbags with bamboo handles; the mocassin with the distinctive Gucci snaffle-bit; the foulards: the belt clasps; the ties.

The explosion of the Gucci brand came in the 1960s. It was during this time that Gucci opened shops around the world. It was also during this time that Gucci was identified as a "status Symbol". Carrying a Gucci handbag meant that you were part of the in-crowd.

The legacy that Guccio Gucci started in the early 20th century is still going strong. The company of Gucci continues to offer new products and designs that have the same timeless appeal and sophistication.

Resale value of vintage Gucci handbags remain good. Below are recent auction prices.

Auth Vintage Designer Gucci Suede Handbag - Auction Price: $102.50

Gucci Handbag 1

Vintage Gucci GG Logo Purse/Handbag Excellent Condition - Auction Price: $52.50

Gucci Handbag 2

Fab & Rare Vintage White Gucci Doctor Handbag - Auction Price: $86.00

Gucci Handbag 3

Vintage Authentic Speedy Gucci Handbag-Purse - Auction Price: $170.00

Gucci Handbag 4

Authentic Vintage Gucci Handbag - Auction Price: $83.00

Gucci Handbag 5

Rare Vintage Large Gucci Handbag w/dust cover - Auction Price: $99.00

Gucci Handbag 6

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