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Goldie's Corner
by L.A. Goldie

It's spring, Goldie feels like singing...March came in like a lion, whipping up the water in the BAY...

Greetings all. Goldie has been busy these past few days looking for a topic which might draw Old And Solds' users into a chat. I thought to myself, what is more interesting to the general public than some of the antics over at the Ebay? I contemplated where I could look to see what is happening at the biggest port on the net? Ah---- their wonderful informative Chat venue, Ebay Outlook. If one decides to enter these forbidding waters, one must wear thigh high waders. The crew is not always as jovial as one might think, and mutiny does not appear to be too far into the distant waters.

It appears to me that persons who choose to sell their wares on Ebay are paying a lot to be at the mercy of a captain Bly type of situation. Although Ebay has the monopoly over online auction business, they more or less want the whole pie. And they want some ice cream to make it a la mode. This is at the expense of all those who pay the ever increasing prices. It continues to puzzle me why the dealers remain so loyal? I am not unaware of the amount of traffic Ebay receives, and they do more in the way of advertising than the law should allow. BUT---- what stops many of their sellers from trying other options? I noticed that several sellers at Old And Sold also sell with Ebay. This appears to be a win all situation. Due to the fact that this port has no docking fees, one might believe it a wise idea to open up a second store, and hope more dealers do the same. Eventually, people will get tired of paying through the nose, and set sail for calmer waters and more inviting friendly ports. Ports that involve no ever rising port fees!

It is certainly evident that with relatively little advertising, Old And Sold has thrived this past year with over 1.5 million hits. People are out there searching for new alternatives, and once they realize there are sites which offer wonderful unique alternatives, community atmospheres, and all the bells and whistles of the charge-all sites, they will start utilizing sites like Old And Sold. It only seems the intelligent thing to do. So I ask all that read this article to PLEASE let your friends know about Old And Sold! Together, we can work to build our site into a booming site! The only people that will benefit from this boom are you, and all that choose to use Old And Sold. Listen to Goldie here, will you---

I was very impressed with all the new features which were added this past month, including Sold At Old And Sold, View Popular Auction Items, and Search Other Auction Sites. I personally think that listing all that sold on the site since January is a great idea! This gives a good indication of just which items are hot and selling. This is one option Ebay has done away with. Ebay used to list the popular selling items of the week. This feature was discontinued about 3 months ago - I might add to the dismay of their users! I noted when perusing the Ebay Outlook, that several persons had posted messages in regards to their disappointment of Ebay's decision to discontinue this service.

When checking out Old And Sold's feature which enables one to view items sold in past months, I noticed they have included at least one item which was sold offline. I spoke with one of Old And Sold's developers, Mrs. Brenda Eilers, and she assures me that "Old And Sold has no problems with this practice. The site is free for all to use. We built Old And Sold as a forum to buy and sell antiques. The bottom line is sales. We don't care whether an item sells online or offline. We hope when a user posts an item, that the end result is a sale." Old And Sold would appreciate it if their sellers would report any offline sales. They hope to post all items sold as a result of being posted on the site.

I think this concept is very unique, at the least. It is certainly a contrast between other online auction sites. Actually, for all you Seinfeld fans, this is a George Costanza. I mean, talk about doing the opposite! So all you sellers please report any offline sales. Help Old And Sold promote that sometimes doing the opposite can pay off---- I am getting such a kick out of being a part of all of this.
After viewing the list on what was sold since the beginning of January, I noted COINS, COINS, AND more COINS. I myself have written a friend that deals in wonderful coins, and hope to entice him to bring some of those coins our way. Lets see if Goldie has what it takes, to seduce this staunch Ebay power seller to join our ranks!

Due to last month's column, I received some wonderful suggestions for added features that would inevitably improve bidding. One such suggestion is a "Buy It Now" option. This would enable a buyer to buy on the spot. Myself, I love instant gratification. The folks at Old And Sold have assured me this idea is going to be considered strongly. Liz at Old And Sold states, "We have been thinking about this type of feature, and hope to implement it in the near future. It will take quite a bit of changes to our current bidding format, but we can certainly see that this type of feature would be very beneficial."

I want to give personal thanks to Northcountry, and Gee's Design Originals for their kind comments, suggestions, and making Goldie feel especially welcome at OLD AND SOLD!

I see we still have our Van Gogh painting "Yellow Roses" on the auction. I really want that painting!

Just Your Little Angel,
L.A. Goldie

View last month's featured column. Post a message to L.A. Goldie in the Old And Sold Chat Cafe or email her at lagoldie@hotmail.com.

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