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Goldie's Corner
by L.A. Goldie

Let me introduce myself. My friends call me Goldie, I would like you to call me L.A. Goldie. I have been requested by Old And Sold to stop by periodically and jot down a word or two, answer questions, and to say whatever comes to mind! I have decided to take them up on this interesting offer. I hope if you would like to converse with me, you will do so by taking advantage of the Old And Sold Chat Cafe. At some point, I will be leaving an e-mail address.

I am excited about the prospect of making new friends, and learning more about the vast world of the Internet, Online Auctions, and the people who use them. I myself have had a small brush with a chat line, and found myself so caught up in one particular thread, that I was consumed! I found myself deeply interested and involved in discussions with mere strangers. It led me to believe one could become very addicted to this form of communication. I took notice that many chatters were great friends, and that many had formed solid alliances with one another.

I hope my periodic articles will increase traffic to the Old And Sold Chat Cafe, and with this influx of users will come an influx of knowledge. There are many people posting questions to the Chat Cafe, concerning a given antique or collectable. Old And Sold's users may be able to answer some of the many questions that are being posted daily to the Chat Cafe message board. Many people visiting this site are collectors themselves. It would be wonderful if these users could share their knowledge on a particular antique or collectable they have found a passion for collecting. So please, check out the Chat Cafe, and see if you can help out with answering some of the inquiries. Make a new acquaintance. It might be fun, couldn't hurt---

Old And Sold has assured me that they welcome articles on any subject related to antiques, collectibles, or the complex world of Online Auctions, with it's many pros and cons. So don't be shy -- share your views with others!

Well, I have looked over Old And Sold, and find it to be a great community of people. A community that has come together to sell their many fine wares. In comparison to other online auctions, I see that Old And Sold is a step above in the quality of antiques that are being offered for auction. It also appears that they have earned a promising reputation in the short time they have been online. I say this due to my research in reading the User Feedback info. I did not find one derogatory remark or problem reported by anyone. I find this very interesting. One would think that selling over the Internet could lead to a lot of problems. Yet it appears here at Old And Sold it has not. I find this refreshing, and give this online community a well deserved pat on the back.

This week I want to ask our users for some suggestions on how Old And Sold might increase bidding. I noticed one of the newer Featured Dealers (Yellow House Antiques) is offering a discount on any second item purchased. This certainly is a new feature I have not seen before on any other online auction sites. Perhaps this type of incentive could help with sagging sales? Actually, this is where the brick and mortar antiques dealers have an advantage over the Internet dealers. Incentives such as discounts, sales, and person-to-person bargaining is not present as of yet on Internet sites. Perhaps this is an area that should be explored. After all, the bottom line is selling an item at a price that both parties are comfortable with. My question is, how would you as a user of Old And Sold feel about adding a new category which would promote items that are marked down for a speedier sale? Perhaps it could be titled, Sale Items or Bargains Galore!

I would appreciate your input. Please leave comments for me at the Old And Sold Chat Cafe. Your ideas will be welcomed. Old And Sold has expressed to me that it is their ultimate desire to keep a forum that has a club-like community atmosphere, and which will encourage users to e-mail their suggestions.

That's all for now. I hope to get some feedback from this article. So please let me hear from you! Leave your messages at the Old And Sold Chat Cafe.

Hugs And More Hugs, L.A. Goldie

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